Aliens are bad.


If you find yourself staring down the barrel at an alien horde, always remember:

  • Upgrade often! Remember, "Bigger guns are better guns!"
  • Modifiers are fun - not only do they change gameplay, but they also change the scoring.
  • Splitting your fire let's you react to enemy waves more effectively.
  • The Fortuna enemy slowly moves across the top of the screen - If you manage to destroy it, you'll get a large score bonus.
  • Score cubes won't hurt your towers, but they do give a score bonus when destroyed. The amount depends on the colour of the score cube.
  • A smart player will maximize their score by increasing their Combo multiplier. Increase your multiplier by consecutively destroying the same enemy class.
  • The enemy is bad! Destroy them, else [NOTE: propoganda department needs to fill this section out before printing]
  • Use your overdrive if you get into a tight spot! Sure you may be doomed, but it's always good to take out a few more of them.
  • shoot low and centered to maximise your spread of fire.
  • "Don't be shy, sweep the sky!" - always be on the attack and don't worry if you miss a target; it's only ozone you're burning!
  • An enemy from the side may not pose a direct or instant threat to your towers, but they're more likely to take out your shields!
  • It's important to make sure you're keeping your towers up to date with the latest in alien eradication upgrades, but don't forget you can also trade in upgrade credits for extra score on the tally screen!
  • And most importantly, to ensure absolute certain survival, ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO [--redacted by the pro-human council--]